This Christian Denomination’s View on Sexuality Is Beyond Disturbing

The Church of England’s report on sexuality has been strongly criticized by a group of conservative Anglicans. GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference) expressed its “serious concerns” ahead of a vote to “take note” of the report. The group was responding to a report from senior bishops saying there was “little support” among bishops for changing the

church’s teaching on the nature of marriage, but called for “maximum freedom” for homosexual people within the church.  GAFCON Chairman Archbishop Nicholas Okoh said in a statement, “The Church of England bishops have recommended the right thing for the wrong reason.”  READ MORE

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  1. Religion will always compromise the standards of the Scriptures. Faith will never compromise. The promise of everlasting life as a result of Jesus’ blood & obedience over-weighs the charms and acceptance of this world. ALL religion will agree with men’s standards because they might lose the pledges and tithes of congregants. The love of money and comfort will always force the mass to win against preachers/pastors/reverends/bishops etc. that try and speak against sin/evil.

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