Three tropical cyclones, two of which appear destined to be powerhouse storms of near-super typhoon strength, are spinning slowly across the western tropical Pacific Ocean, with a fourth storm about to be born on Monday. The most dangerous storm of the group —Typhoon Chan-hom — has already made its presence felt, as it dumped more than a foot of rain in Guam over the Fourth of July weekend.

The storm struggled to intensify for the first several days of its life, but it is still forecast to deepen into a super typhoon, with maximum sustained winds of 150 miles per hour, by Thursday. It may affect southwestern Japan, including Okinawa, on Thursday, Taiwan on Thursday night, and China on Friday night through Saturday..Typhoon Chan-hom may come close to the island of Okinawa, and brush past the northern part of Taiwan, or possibly make landfall there, on July 10. FULL REPORT