President Obama did not sing “Amazing Grace” at a Chattanooga church over the weekend. Instead, he took in a Broadway show and played a round of golf. Governors in a number of states lowered the American flag to honor those lost—but the flag was not lowered at the White House. Five members of the Armed Forces were gunned down by a Muslim terrorist on American soil last week and yet the flag was not lowered to half-staff at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

I’d like to know why. My Fox News colleagues reached out to the White House Press Office, but so far their questions have gone unanswered. It was an affront, whether intentional or not, to the families of those lost in the terrorist attack. And it was quite noticeable by many Americans. “I think the position of the flag tells you a lot about the priorities of this White House,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, the Republican congressman from Texas, told me. I asked our readers to do what President Obama would not: lower the flag that flew outside their homes and business. FULL REPORT