Theologian Krish Kandiah, president of the London School of Theology, an evangelical school in Middlesex, United Kingdom, has a key question for people who embrace biblical sentiment: “Should Christians own guns?” It’s a curiosity that holds the power to spark intense debate in America, where 42 percent of the population has a firearm in their homes, according to Gallup. Substantial proportions of Christians, too, are admitted gun owners — a reality that Kandiah questioned in a recent op-ed. 

After saying that tragic gun stories in the news haven’t been enough “for people to rethink their attachment to firearms” he went on to critique fellow theologian Wayne Grudem, who has been a “proponent of gun ownership.” Among his arguments on the gun front, Kandiah said that constitutional permission does not mean that Christians should definitively partake. “The fact that the Constitution allows something does not automatically mean it would be appropriate for Christians to bear arms,” he wrote. “Grudem has argued against abortion and gay marriage, both of which are allowed in many states, but that, according to Grudem’s logic, is not sufficient reason for Christians to endorse them.” FULL REPORT