A Russian spy plane has been spotted flying low over Lancashire as tensions between Vladimir Putin and the West mount to near emergency levels. The Antonov An-30, armed with five high-resolution cameras, was spotted by photographer Steve Bradley, 41, who was astonished to see it over his garden in Colne, Lancashire. It comes as British Typhoon jets were forced to intercept a Russian spy plane last week and escort it away from UK airspace. In the last month, three Russian warships have been monitored sailing through the English Channel.

MPs in east Lancashire have raised concerns about what the spy plane was doing just 30 miles from Menwith Hill, a hi-tech NATO monitoring station, and 22 miles from BAE Systems military aircraft factory at Samlesbury. Mr Bradley said he was shocked to spot the military turboprop while working in his garden on Friday. The semi-professional photographer captured several clear shots of the plane flying from east to west. FULL REPORT