The United Methodist Church took one step closer to apostasy this week. At Nashville meetings, Methodist leadership voted to submit what is aptly called a “compromise” legislative proposal to its 2016 General Conference that removes “prohibitive” language from The United Methodist Book of Discipline concerning homosexuality. 

Specifically, the proposal would allow United Methodist pastors to perform same-sex marriages in United Methodist churches. As if that’s not defiant enough to God’s Word, this same proposal would also remove the blatant practice of homosexuality and the performance of same-sex weddings from the list of chargeable offenses. But wait, there’s more. The newfangled proposal even removes all language that in any way suggests or even hints that the church does not condone the practice of homosexuality. In other words, this proposal does not consider homosexuality incompatible with Christian teachings even though Methodists have historically recognized the practicing the sin as sinful. FULL REPORT