A regional body of the United Methodist Church based in Georgia has been accused of bullying a pastor and her church over their support for traditional marriage. Carole Hulslander, pastor at Still Waters UMC of Atlanta, has accused the UMC North Georgian Conference of removing her from her congregation over her decision to sign a statement calling for the denomination to maintain its views on homosexuality. According to “The Erick Erickson Show” radio program, since expressing her support for the UMC to maintain a traditional definition of marriage, Hulslander found herself harassed by NGUMC leadership.

“The culture war has arrived at the door of Still Waters United Methodist Church. It’s congregation, whether they like it or not, is being made to care,” claimed the program. The allegations laid against the NGUMC are that they’re removing Hulslander from her position as pastor and even attempting to remove the Still Waters congregation from their building. According to the Erickson program, two weeks before Easter Sunday the congregation was presented with a new pastor. “The new pastor came in and began berating one of the members of the congregation. The new pastor demanded keys be handed over,” claimed the radio program. MORE