For those of you wondering where the infamous Texas Heat is, it appears it is in Alaska. Parts of Alaska have already climbed into the 90s this year. The warmest so far in Dallas-Fort Worth has been 88 °F. The high of 91 °F in Eagle, Alaska is the hottest ever recorded in the state of Alaska for so early in the season since temperature records began in the 1890s. This is over 30 degrees above normal for them and is the tenth record high they have had this month!

This caught my eye since Eagle, Alaska was one of the random weather stations I had my students collect data from to perform a 100-year temperature analysis. And they found that temperatures in the polar latitudes are heating up faster than those in lower latitudes (like us here in Texas).

Of course, there are seeming exceptions. India (a little farther south in latitude compared to most of Texas) is currently experiencing a searing heat wave with day-after-day temperatures above 110 °F! But the monsoon should be kicking in for them by summer which should cool things down. FULL REPORT