Written By Joe Joe Dawson – I asked the Lord to wake me when He wanted to speak to me and for five nights in a row at 3 a.m., He answered that prayer. The following are five prophetic words the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. I pray they touch yours.

Day 1: The Lord spoke early this morning about the future of the American church. I saw a person walk to the edge of a cliff overlooking a huge valley. The Man of God started shouting to the masses and they got up and started moving toward him. Thousands!

The Lord said complacency was leaving and people were ready to move forward. The America church has tried to advice thought programs and worldly structure, but have produced an Ishmael, but now Isaac is on his way! There is a Move of God coming to the church an Awakening!

Day 2: The Lord woke me early this morning … I felt my bed shake so I jumped up! The Lord spoke very strongly and boldly saying, “Will you answer this call or should I call another?” I said, “I will answer your call.”

The Lord said there is a greater shaking coming to America then anyone can imagine. I’m calling the leaders now. They will be the ones of intercession. The broken ones. They have been preparing for years. The current success the American church thinks she has, will have to be repented for. The American church has produced a Ishmael now its time for Isaac. I’ve never felt God so strong, my friends! We are about to see repentance in our churches from leaders who have taken the focus off God. I encourage everyone to fast and pray. Get ready!

Day 3: The Lord says He is making an offensive response to every demonic attack on America. The Lord is putting His armies in place. This will be a wave, and yes, even greater waves are coming of the responsive attacks from heaven. God wants his people and land back!

Day 4: The Lord woke me at 3 a.m. this morning speaking very strongly about this hour in the church. The Lord said, “I need my watchmen to be alert and ready at all hours!” When the Spirit wakes you get up and pray, don’t pray in bed or roll over. This is the time God needs us to be seeking Him. Everything is silent with no hindrances at this time of Day. Whenever God wants your time, give it to Him. Don’t be sleeping when you should be seeking!

Day 5: This morning the Lord spoke a very strong word to my spirit about the revivalists in the land. Many are falling away from the fight and giving up their calling. Like Elijah the powerful mouthpiece for God, when things got hard he complained and quit. So God raised up Elisha! Never watch someone else answer the call GOD placed on your life. MORE