US considers ‘Other Steps’ to bypass Benjamin Netanyahu It appears that the Obama Administration isn’t taking the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu to well! In fact according to a new report,  The United States is weighing a new approach to Middle East peace that may be less supportive of Israel, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised doubts that he would ever accept a Palestinian state. US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro said on Israeli radio on Sunday that if it’s impossible to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians as long as Mr Netanyahu is prime minister, the question arises: “what other steps can be taken to continue in the right direction of attaining two states for two peoples”. The day before Israel’s March 17 election, Mr Netanyahu said that there would be no Palestinian state if he returned to office. After winning the vote he softened his stance, saying he wanted a two-state solution but “circumstances have to change”. The official process of forming a new government began on Sunday. FULL REPORT