Is the Church Compromising the Gospel in the Name of Impacting Culture?The bible speaks of a “Falling Away” as we approach the end of the age and a Recent Charisma report regarding a live sex show that has parents up in arms a couple of weeks ago drove a flurry of #StopSexBox hashtags on Twitter. Now it has been revealed that a pastor holds a doctorate in counseling and leads a national Christian women’s ministry—is serving as a judge on the show. Then there’s the pastor’s wife—an ordained minister in her own right—who is reportedly employed as an exit counselor in an abortion clinic because she believes women have the right to abortion and “God is a forgiving God.” Her son also works as a security guard at the location, which means they are effectively both taking blood money. Are Bible-believing Christians overreacting by questioning the wisdom of a pastor endorsing sex on live TV or a woman of God and her son getting paid by an abortion clinic? You decide. FULL REPORT