thumbThe American journalist with Ebola who arrived at a Nebraska hospital today believes that he may have gotten infected when he got splashed while spray-washing a vehicle where someone had died from the disease. Ashoka Mukpo arrived at the Nebraska Medical Center this morning after being flown directly from Liberia. “He’s strong and his symptoms are not more advanced then when he talked to us before he left which is a relief,” his father Dr. Mitchell Levy said at a news conference today. He said his son has a fever and slight nausea. “Likely he will go into the next phase where his symptoms will be more severe,” Levy said. Levy said that his son is “not certain” when he got the disease, but believes that he could have gotten infected by some of the spray back that came when he was using chlorine to disinfect a car. “It was a vehicle that somebody had died in,” Levy said. Mukpo, 33, had been hired as a freelance cameraman by the NBC News crew earlier last week before testing positive for the disease on Thursday. “He was around the [Ebola] clinic. He was filming inside the clinic,” Levy said. More

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