ebola-patientHundreds of passengers were exposed to Mr. Duncan after it was revealed today that the traveler took at least three flights to get from Liberia to Dallas – because there is no direct flight from Belgium to Texas. The other flight that Mr. Duncan boarded is currently unknown and no details are being released. United Airlines has said it thinks Mr. Duncan flew from Brussels to Washington Dulles on Flight 951 before he traveled from Washington Dulles to Dallas Fort-Worth on Flight 822. A team of CDC ‘disease detectives’ arrived in Dallas on Wednesday and were going door-to-door to find out who may have come in contact with the man while he was contagious with Ebola. Residents living in the same apartment block that is ‘ground zero’ for the Ebola outbreak in Dallas today spoke of their fears. Despite reassurances from health chiefs that the deadly virus has been contained many residents are fearful that they might have been infected. Dallas County Health Department was forced to deny that a second male patient was being closely monitored today after media reports. On September 28, Mr. Duncan was rushed to hospital in an ambulance while vomiting and was quarantined. The ambulance crew who transported Mr. Duncan all tested negative for Ebola on Wednesday but have been placed in ‘reverse isolation’ at their homes for the next 21 days as a precaution. Other local residents were concerned that the complex had not been placed into quarantine. Mother Toni Gomez, who lives opposite the complex, said: ‘Yes, I am scared. Who wants to live next to somewhere where there is such a horrible virus? I think the place should at least be sealed off and no one allowed to go in and out.’ More