Newly Appointed Cardinals Attend Courtesy Visits At The VaticanOne of Britain’s top Catholic cardinals has hope that next year’s synod will result in a more open and welcoming church for gay and lesbian Catholics. Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the archbishop of Westminster, said that he was initially disappointed with the first draft of a document summarizing synod proceedings. The interim document, or relatio, stated that “homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community,” and asked whether the church was capable of “welcoming” them. Although his peers ultimately voted against that language, Nichols actually said that the text didn’t go “far enough.” “There were three key words as far as I was concerned … ‘respect’, ‘welcome’ and ‘value,’” Nichols said during a BBC Radio 4 interview. “I was looking for those words and they weren’t there and so I didn’t think that was a good paragraph.” However, Nichols claimed he couldn’t remember how he cast his vote. More