Mar 11

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade’ claims responsibility for flight MH370

1623675_770471132976910_600906495_nA group that calls itself the Chinese Martyrs’ Brigade has claimed responsibility for crashing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which remains missing after losing contact with ground control at 1:20am on Saturday en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The previously unheard-of group sent a PDF statement to various journalists in China on March 9, saying, “You kill one of our clan, we will kill 100 of you as payback.” The group asserts two motives for the alleged terrorist attack. The first is to retaliate against the Malaysian government for “cruel persecution,” though no further details were provided. The second is to respond to the Chinese government for its persecution of the Uyghur ethnic minority, which has been blamed by Beijing for a slate of terror attacks in the last few years. The most recent incidents include several organized assaults on police stations in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, a jeep crash in Beijing’s crowded Tiananmen Square, and a mass stabbing in the Yunnan capital of Kunming this month that left at least 33 people dead. MORE



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  1. MightyTravels

    How many (remote?) airports in the Maldives are good enough to land a 777? Seems like the perfect remote spot for landing a plane! Torsten

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    […] ● From the Christianist apocalypse fetishists at End Times Headlines: […]

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