article-2507265-1969069100000578-533_634x370Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe is hoping Pope Francis will watch his new biblical adventure story Noah. But to Los Angeles-based filmmaker Ray Comfort, the movie is anything but a “biblical adventure.” Comfort, whose award-winning movies have been seen by millions, has produced his own version of Noah, which is being released on the same day as the Hollywood version. “It seems like a ‘hail Mary’ to the pope. Perhaps he, Darren Aronofsky and Paramount should have listened to their critics, when they had prescreening a long time ago,” Comfort says. “Maybe they will even consider making a sequel called ‘Muhammad,’ where they portray him as an evil character as they did with Noah, and see if Muslims file in two-by-two to see it. But they wouldn’t dare malign Muhammad’s character, because they know that there would be serious repercussions. With Noah they have shown that they have no respect for Christians and Jews by painting Noah as a psychopath. More