Preparing America For the Wrath of God

preparing america cover design - CopyWars and rumors of wars. Deadly hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Intense political, economic, and social unrest around the world. Signs that we are living in the end times are all around us. The day is quickly approaching when we will pay the price for the sins that connect America from coast to coast. It is time for sinners and Christians alike to stop pretending that the sins of our nation will go unpunished. In Preparing America for the Wrath of God, author Woodrow Polston unveils shocking biblical prophecy and revelation, calling America to repent and turn from her sins before it is too late. Preparing America for the Wrath of God will inspire you to devote yourself fully to Christ and boldly share His life-changing message with everyone you meet. To Order Your Copy Click the Picture above.