Screen-Shot-2014-02-25-at-11.32.28-AM-620x337A Florida woman who has been living “off the grid” for more than a year will be forced to partially plug in or face consequences from the city, a special magistrate ruled last week. In December, Robin Speronis became engaged in a dispute with the city of Cape Coral for her refusal to use modern amenities such as running water and electricity. A code enforcement officer at the time visited her home and deemed it as “uninhabitable property.” “I was exercising my First Amendment rights of free speech in discussing living off the grid,” Speronis said in December.  The legal system, however, did not agree with her assessment of the situation on Thursday. The magistrate ruled she was guilty of not being hooked up to a proper water supply, WBBH-TV reported. She was acquitted, however, of not having a proper sewer and electrical system. “I’m choosing to live without being dependent on the system,” Speronis said. More