(OPINION) CBN – In the latest blatant example of children’s media producers pushing an LGBTQ agenda on children, Disney has introduced the first teen gay romance to their “High School Musical” franchise. First, it was the Disney Channel that introduced a teen gay romance in its now-canceled series “Andi Mack.” Now, that trend is continuing as Disney+’s “High School Musical: The Series” has gone progressive, highlighting a teen gay romance. As Newsbusters reports, the Dec. 6 episode of the series titled “Homecoming” features the high school’s homecoming dance in which one male cast member invites another male cast member to the dance.

In true Disney fashion, the cast member who invited the other fellow shows up alone at the dance. But wait, the guy he invited to the dance shows up after all and they share a slow dance together. Newsbusters writer Lindsay Kornick says it best, noting: “The only thing worse than the horribly dull and pandering plot is the media glorifying it.” In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, actor Frankie Rodriguez said: “I think we kind of forget where we were 13 years ago. Gay marriage wasn’t legal, so even though it seems like that was 50 years away, it really wasn’t. The series is really shedding light as to what high school life is like right now and making sure that those kids that have never seen themselves onscreen have, finally, someone to connect to.” READ MORE