(UnSealed) – Nearly five years ago the Christian community looked up in wonder as the first in a series of blood-red moons falling on biblical festivals dimly lit the night sky.  Many wondered what this was leading to.  A number of other significant lunar and solar eclipses have since transpired, as well as a series of conjunctions closely mirroring what occurred in the lead up to Christ’s birth, and, most amazingly, an astronomical alignment appeared that perfectly matched the description given in the first two verses of the twelfth chapter of Revelation.  And the signs have only continued.  A little over one year after the Revelation 12:1–2 alignment, the rarely spectacular Draconids meteor shower came to life raining down hundreds of shooting stars per hour.  A plausible explanation for the sign aspect of Revelation 12:3–4 was witnessed by many.

And now, in just two weeks, there appears to be a significant confluence of heavenly signs: a blood moon (total lunar eclipse) over the entire Western Hemisphere, immediately followed by a close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus—the two planets that have played a central role in this entire cosmic story, representing Christ and His Church.  For those in the United States, the eclipse will be visible Sunday evening, January 20th, but anyone east will see it in the very early morning of January 21st.  The Jupiter-Venus conjunction will be visible on Tuesday, January 22nd. READ MORE


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