If you live in Italy and plan on introducing your children to a vegan diet, you may want to be prepared to serve time in jail. That’s because according to a new report it may produce “Brain Damage”! According to to a new report, Parents who enforce a vegan or vegetarian diet on their children in Italy could soon be jailed for up to four years.  These wild and crazy laws would make it an offence to deprive children of the nutrients essential for their growth.

Excerpt from The Sun
Elvira Savino, from Italy’s centre-right Forza Party, says her bill would prevent “radicalised” diets being imposed on youngsters. Vegetarian and vegan diets lack can lack zinc, iron, omega-3 and vitamin D and B12, she claimed. And if her bill is successful, imposing such a diet on someone under 16 would become a criminal offence. The country has been rocked in recent months by a series of child hospitalisations caused by vegan diets.