(By Lance Wallnau) The man sitting across from me at lunch represents the gold standard of evangelical believers in Texas. We were discussing his future. He is retiring from a huge corporation where he oversees a $3 billion budget. As our conversation turned to politics, he surprised me. His voice lowered as he leaned toward me, sharing how much he wrestled over the moral conflict of voting for either candidate, Hillary or Trump. “I wanted to tell you,” he confided, “I was not sure what I would do till I heard you speak about Cyrus and Trump. As I heard what you said, I had peace.” Read this and let it minister to you.

The media assault on Trump is unprecedented. Political analyst Pat Caddell says, “This is the crisis of democracy—the mainstream media, which is in the tank in the most violent way against Donald Trump, and for Hillary Clinton, that I have ever seen in the 45 years that I have been at the top of presidential politics.” Caddell added, “And it is terrifying … Not just that they’re for Hillary, and telling us that Trump is evil, and my God, no human being could possibly vote for him; it is what they are omitting, the facts that they will not tell the American people.” CONTINUE