Donald Trump has been lambasted by the senior editors of The Christian Post in an unusual move to “encourage our readers to back away” from the Republican frontrunner. An opinion piece for the popular Christian news website said it does not usually take political positions but was making an exception “because Trump is exceptionally bad”. The Republican candidate, who is favourite to win the nomination in most of the 12 Super Tuesday states, “claims to speak for and represent the interests of evangelicals”, according to the piece.

It reads: “We feel compelled by our moral responsibility to our readers to make clear that Donald Trump does not represent the interests of evangelicals and would be a dangerous leader for our country.” One of the editors’ main gripes with Trump is that he “has never asked for forgiveness”. “There are certain non-negotiable actions needed to become a Christian: One must repent of their sins and follow Christ as Lord and Savior. Trump doesn’t talk this way, even when urged to,” they wrote. READ MORE