Donald Trump’s rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana drew over 10,000 people on Thursday, reportedly breaking an attendance record at the Baton Rouge River Center set by musician Elton John. According to Trump’s Twitter, the line to enter was close to a mile long. Trump is very popular in Louisiana, if the attendance at Thursday’s rally is any indication. According to WMBF News, the State Fire Marshal had to turn attendees away after the arena hit its maximum occupancy of 10,000 people. Prior to Trump’s rally, the previous record for attendance belonged to Elton John, who attracted 9,800 attendees. The event was free, but required tickets that could be obtained online.

The rally saw Trump at his most Trump-ish. WABC-TV reports that The Donald spotted a toddler dressed in red, white, and blue (specifically, a bedazzled blue pacifier), and between that and the child’s stylized blond Mohawk, the presidential hopeful just couldn’t resist signing the young boy’s hand. However, Trump refused to use foul language during his speech, saying the reporters in the audience would “crush him” for using even a few mild curse words. READ MORE