(Bert Farias) A strong attachment to the wisdom of men is diluting the real power of God in the church today. We’ve got to go back to waiting on the Lord to hear His wisdom and plans for us. What we usually do—and I know I’ve been guilty of this myself—is we make our own plans and ask God to bless them instead of finding His plan, which is already blessed. The more we follow God’s plan, the more God will move and manifest His power, favor and provision on our behalf. Hearing and obeying the Lord cause His Spirit to move. The big problem today is men are doing all the moving.

Here are some differences between the wisdom of men and the wisdom of God: The wisdom of men is very visible, popular and appeals to the flesh. The wisdom of God is hidden and must be searched out. The wisdom of men glories in the might, power and riches of men, but the wisdom of God glories in the Lord. The wisdom of men often has the appearance of good and smart while the wisdom of God esteems the foolish and weak things of the world. FULL REPORT