The Turkish Air Force has declared an ‘orange alert’ at key bases after an alleged violation of the country’s airspace by a Russian fighter jet, Anadolu news agency reported, citing military sources in Ankara. “According to military sources the alert level at the Air Force bases has been changed to ‘orange,’” the agency reported. It gave no further details. “Orange alert” means that a conflict is possible at any time and that the armed forces must be prepared for attack and defense, while “red alert” is the highest level of preparedness when an attack by the enemy seems imminent, the newspaper Milliyet wrote.

On January 30 the Turkish Foreign Ministry claimed that that a Russian Su-34 fighter jet had strayed into the country’s airspace. The statement also said that the plane had been warned by Turkish air radar units. Earlier, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said it summoned the Russian ambassador to Ankara late Friday to express its “strong protest and indignation” over the alleged violation of the country’s airspace. FULL REPORT