(Bill Salus) STAGE ONE – THE PREDICTION – When someone first becomes interested in Bible prophecy, the plethora of ancient predictions fascinates them. They marvel at the reality that the future can be known. They witness current world events begin to align with the details of the predicted event. It is a precious discovery, but one that comes with great responsibility. This is because people are prone to make major life changes in accordance with what they think the future holds. Noah, Joseph, Jeremiah and many other biblical figures attest to this. These peoples of the past wisely made major life changes in accordance with their specific NOW prophecies.

Let me share a personal story along these lines. While traveling on a plane to one of my first Bible prophecy conferences as a Christian author, I encountered a complete stranger who was reading a Christian book. He was seated directly across the aisle from me, so I struck up a lengthy, friendly conversation with him during the flight. He is a very private person, so the names and details of this testimony are purposely vague. He will be called Joe in this true life story.

I quickly realized that Joe was no stranger when it came to Bible prophecy. He knew his way around the entire Bible, especially the prophecies. Joe became very interested in the Psalm 83 prophecy that I shared with him because he was unfamiliar with this particular ancient prediction. Psalm 83 is the main theme of my first book called, Isralestine, The Ancient Blue prints of the Future Middle East. Isralestine came out in the summer of 2008, and our conversation took place in December of that same year. Before we deplaned to our differing destinations, I handed him an Isralestine book. It was a simple gift with no strings attached and I didn’t know if he would read it, or if we would ever meet again. CONTINUE