Freedom of speech is constantly under attack, not just in the United States, but in the West as a whole. In fact, a majority of European countries are much further down the censorship trail than their “free” counterparts across the Pond. Canada, though, is making every effort to catch up.

Where is the opposition to free speech coming from? It is, of course, a liberal social policy to limit free speech in the name of_____(fill in the blank). One institution is making inroads under the guise of tolerance  Islam; namely the Office of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). For the past decade, the OIC has used pressure tactics to compel Western leaders to criminalize free speech because it may “incite religious hatred.”

The former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan has set forth an example. A 54-year old Kazakh father of 8, who recently converted from Islam to Christianity, was sentenced in late December to two years in a labor camp for inciting religious hatred. What did he do? FULL REPORT