The Scandinavian country has made startling claims that it should be ready for “armed battle against a qualified opponent” after more then 200 years of peace. Leaked documents quoting Army chief Anders Brannstrom before a meeting with Swedish defense management said war could hit the country in a few years. He said: “The security situation we are currently experiencing leads me to the conclusion that in the course of a few years we might be at war.”

The army is now making long-term plans for battle possibly between 2016-2020 and must be ready for a major opponent. Brannstrom added: “For us in the Army it is about building up all the force we can muster to enforce political decisions.” The army chief said “everyone in the army and all those who support us” have to unite to face a possible opposition. This is the first time in recent years that a leading representative of the armed services has said Sweden is on the verge of war. FULL REPORT