A New York City pastor who was arrested and charged with petit larceny for allegedly pocketing money from his church’s offering nine times complained to police officers after his arrest that the church was not paying him enough, a prosecutor said in court Tuesday. Rev. Daniel Impaglia, who pastors the Evangelical Rock Church on the Upper East Side and was arrested in November 2015, is still leading services at the church despite calls from some church elders that he step down after members caught him on hidden camera repeatedly stealing from collection envelopes.

After Impaglia was arrested on Nov. 24, The New York Post reports that he told a cop that he was underpaid. “They don’t pay me enough,” a prosecutor quoting Impaglia as saying during a Tuesday court hearing. Impaglia has been accused of stealing from collection envelopes nine times in less than a month, according to NBC New York. Although a faction in the church want him to resign from his position, he has refused to do so and showed up the following week to conduct church services. FULL REPORT