(Bert Farias) Borrowing a slogan from Donald Trump’s campaign, I want to inspire every Christ follower and preacher to do your part to make the church great again in 2016. As Mr. Trump says concerning our nation, I say concerning the church: “We don’t win any more! We use to be great. We use to be the leader of the world, but now we’re losing. It’s time to make the church great again in 2016!”

It is no secret that America is no longer a Christian nation. You don’t have 57 million abortions in a Christian nation. You don’t redefine gender and legalize gay marriage in a Christian nation. You don’t favor Islam in the various sectors of our society and disdain Christianity in a Christian nation.

We are no longer a Christian nation mainly because we are no longer a vibrant Christian church. We must bear the burden of this blame. Just at the time when radical Islam is subtly infiltrating and forcefully invading our nation, much of the church is floundering in passivity between light and darkness and seems to be doing her best to actually water down the gospel and purge it from our midst. What a recipe for disaster! It’s the perfect storm. In a time when the church should be the strongest and burn the brightest, we are weak and worldly. CONTINUE