(Charisma) I have been stirred up by the Lord (and so have other ministries I know) that it is time to start “reaping the harvest”—and that requires everyone. So I am writing this article to you to try to get people to see it’s not a burden to win the lost, and you don’t have to be an “Evangelist” to win people. It’s easy if you are Spirit-led.
The article starts here, and my personal story is underneath.

God Is Calling Fishermen!

I have heard several strong words lately about looking again at your first calling. What was it that you first felt impressed to do? What was on your heart then? I think there are a lot of callings that have been sidetracked. It’s not that we are doing anything wrong—but we have picked up other things that are good, and even fruitful. And yet, we have dropped some of the things that God first gave to us.

Sometimes we have to take a look back in order to move forward. One thing I know: We have to start “going fishing.” Jesus said, “I will make you fishers of men.” He didn’t take one or two of the disciples aside and say that. He said that to all of them. You don’t have to be an “Evangelist,” as in five-fold ministry, to be a fisher. You just need to enjoy the Lord, stay under the anointing and be open to that fact that there are “fish” all around you. Keep your antenna up and you will know who you have a divine appointment with. I don’t believe you are meant to talk to everyone you see. You can be Spirit led. CONTINUE