“A Singapore resident recently captured footage featuring bizarre unexplained noises coming from the sky on January 2nd, 2016. According to him, the sounds were heard for almost 2 hours. Can you explain it?” There is another video uploaded in Youtube, 2 days ago by Richard Ong and he titles his video, “Strange Sounds Heard in Singapore Night Sky – 13 Jan 2016”. The eerie noise in his video sounds like a trumpet.

But such weird noises have been heard here before. In January 2012, RobbieJohnson18 uploaded a video which he claims is shot in the northern part of Singapore, and said, “I woke up to this strange sound at around 9 in the morning, and then it ended 5 minutes later. It was like a whirring sound you hear for kettles, but in this case it’s not, because the sound was everywhere, and it’s extremely loud and deafening. *There was no kettle in my kitchen. *This is pure footage with no edits. *I’m using an iPhone 4S”. FULL REPORT