(Jeniffer Leclaire) Jesus Christ is not a woman, yet for some reason secularists like to position Him as female, transgender or anything but the Son of God. The latest example of a blasphemous approach to Christ comes from a Sam Jane Brown novel called Forgotten Word. The popular book mixes a murder mystery with the Second Coming of Christ and admittedly “makes the unusual assertion that the Second Coming will feature a Savior who is a woman.”

“The world is in a state of flux and dismay and clearly at a crossroads of faith and destiny,” said Brown. Indeed, ISIS is rising and the world economy is shaking. Nevertheless, Jesus is still King of kings and Lord of lords—not a female queen of the universe. Forgotten Word is set in a world of high intrigue in the church. Brown’s novel uses the murder of Catholic priests as the catalyst to tell its story of the impending Second Coming. In the story, Zena McGrath, an international detective, is tasked with solving the murders. FULL REPORT