Unless the U.S. counters the Russian threat in Syria with resolve and strength, “a greater war is inevitable,” according to an American analyst. In her op-ed published in Citizen-Times, a U.S. political analyst Linda Chavez argues that the Obama administration’s hesitancy has led to Russia having 30 warplanes that launch airstrikes against U.S.-trained rebels in Syria. Chavez also noted that there soon may be Russian troops on the ground – the so-called ‘volunteers’ – like the ones Russia deployed in eastern Ukraine.

Along with the airstrikes, Russia is firing its most sophisticated cruise missiles from warships in the Caspian Sea a thousand miles away and targets not ISIS as it claims, but the U.S.-backed anti-Bashar al-Assad rebels in Syria. The analyst also reminds that there have been reports from Turkey, a NATO member, about Russia starting to violate Turkish airspace. “It would be bad enough if Russia’s intervention in Syria accomplished nothing more than propping up the murderous regime of Assad, which has killed more than a quarter-million Syrians and led to the exodus of 3 million refugees,” Chavez wrote and added that Russia’s true role in the conflict is far more “insidious.” CONTINUE