Nasa has affirmed that a goliath space rock passed securely by Earth on Saturday – considered a close miss at a separation of 15 million miles away.At 1.5 miles wide, a crash with space rock 86666 (2000 FL 10) would be cataclysmic. Yet, on Friday Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Lab’s Near Earth Object Office, which tracks space rocks, said it would not come closer than 15m miles (about a large portion of the separation between the circles of Earth and Mars). Online intrigue scholars asserted one would collide with Puerto Rico in September, bringing on broad obliteration to the Atlantic and Gulf shorelines of the US, Mexico and Southern America.

Nasa tracks and portrays space rocks and comets going inside of 30 million miles of Earth utilizing telescopes on the ground and in space. General the danger of an impact in the following 100 years is unimportant. All the more correctly all known Potentially Hazardous Asteroids, as they are depicted, have not as much as a 0.01 for every penny shot of hitting Earth in the following 100 years. SOURCE