It’s not often that a film centered on the power of prayer breaks big box-office numbers. But that’s exactly the case with War Room, a new movie that tells the story of a marital crisis overcome by prayer. War Room, made for just $3 million, has now raked in more than $50 million after capturing the No. 1 spot earlier this month. And War Room, from the creators of Courageous, Fireproof and Facing the Giants, is not alone. An influx of family-friendly, faith-based films is hitting the big screen this fall, including Captive, featuring the Emmy-nominated David Oyelowo and Kate Mara. The two star in the faith-based crime drama that opened on Sept. 18, where Oyelowo plays a killer on the run and Mara is his drug-addicted hostage. But underneath the gritty storyline, faith plays a significant role.

Then next month, the football drama Woodlawn, starring Academy Award winner Jon Voight and Sean Astin, follows a remarkable true story about how love and unity, fueled by spiritual revival, overcame racism and hate in Alabama in the early 1970s. Opening Oct. 16, the film is already creating buzz. American Family Association, which often champions for family-friendly entertainment, says the attention to faith-based films this fall is evidence that Christian moviegoers are sending a message about the kind of entertainment they want to see in Hollywood. AFA adds that these faith-based, “good news” films will have an indelible impact on kids, families and society. FULL REPORT