Did Jesus really appear next to a Colombian family as they posed by a gigantic statue of Christ? That’s what Colombian man Juan David Montano is claiming – after he spotted a spooky outline on the digital image of his relatives. The 22-year-old was on a family trip to the 26-metre high Cristo Rey near Cali on Sunday when they all posed for the snap.

But he was left stunned when he checked the picture – and saw a phantom-like figure dressed in a white long robe. Montano believes it was Jesus. “I was stunned. Something like a ghost dressed in white clothes can be seen,” he told local media. “There were a lot of people around and when I showed it to a man, he got scared and remained quiet. “When we took the photo, we didn’t see anything around us, but when we looked at the image, this shape had appeared,” he added. FULL REPORT