A high school football coach who has been ordered by school officials to stop praying with students on the field after each game is fighting back and refusing to back down. Joe Kennedy has joined forces with the Liberty Institute, with the conservative law firm firing off a letter this week to officials at Bremerton High School that calls it unconstitutional for the district to order Kennedy to stop praying after games. Attorneys specifically asked that the ban, which was reportedly outlined in a letter to Kennedy on September 17, be overturned before Friday evening at 5 p.m., so that the coach will be able to pray after the homecoming game that evening, according to a press release.

“Coach Kennedy says he will exercise his constitutional right to pray privately, regardless of the school’s response,” the statement reads. As TheBlaze previously reported, Kennedy came under fire last month and was investigated by the district for routinely praying on the 50-yard line after every game, where he regularly thanks God for each and every one of his players. While he typically goes on the field to pray alone, students and players often voluntarily join him — and that is what has sparked controversy and concerns over the separation of church and state. MORE