Last month, the Sheahan family was facing eviction threats from the U.S. federal government for refusing a $5.2 million buyout to vacate their 400-acre mine near Area 51 that has been in their family since the late 1800s. And it’s now official: a federal judge’s pen officially took the land and handed it over to the United States Air Force.

The family resisted the initial offer saying the property is worth far more because of the rich ore it contains but also the buildings, mining equipment, and the unique history of the property, which still holds the remains of past family members. An agreement has yet to be worked out as to where the bones will go. A News Channel 8 report states the family has asked for a jury trial to determine what the Air Force will have to pay for the contents of the property. Though the USAF valued the acreage at only $1.5 million, they offered nearly five times as much to the family. The report states that “the issues will be limited” in a jury trial as to what financial responsibility belongs to the Air Force. CONTINUE