An elementary school in small-town southeastern Michigan has banned “Captain Underpants and the Sensational Sag of Sir Stinks-A-Lot” from its upcoming book fair this year because a main character ends up being gay. The school is Arborwood Elementary School in Monroe, Mich., reports Detroit ABC affiliate WXYZ. The book, the 12th in a series by Dav Pilkey, features a section — spoiler alert! — in which the fourth-grade main characters George Beard and Harold Hutchins travel 20 years into the future and encounter their 30-year-old selves. Harold is gay. He is an artist and married to a guy named Billy.

The couple somehow has kids. “Scholastic notified us and the school that there was a book that may be a little controversial,” Monroe Public Schools superintendent Barry Martin told WXYZ. Martin said the decision not to sell the Captain Underpants book that reveals a gay character was made by the school’s parent-teacher organization and Arborwood’s principal. “The school decided we’ll make it available online,” the superintendent told WXYZ. “But, we won’t make it available in the actual book fair itself.” Other books in the Captain Underpants series will be on offer at the Arborwood Elementary book fair. FULL REPORT