A video has emerged that shows what some people believe is the mysterious ‘Planet X’. Conspiracy theorists claim Planet X, also known as Nibiru, orbits at the edge of our solar system. They say its gravitational pull could spell the end for humanity by disrupting the flow of energy on Earth. Nasa has dismissed these claims as an ‘internet hoax’ and says ‘there is no factual basis for claims’ given astronomers are yet to spot the so-called planet. But despite this, the latest video has set conspiracy forums ablaze once again. It was taken on the off the coast of Florida by Melissa Huffman noticed a strange fiery globe seemingly burning between the clouds.

‘Just look at that planet beaming and shining right now, somebody tells me what it is’, she says. The video seems to show a bright circular shape poking out above the sunset, sparking rumours that it may be the mythical planet. Posted 11 days ago, the video has already had 95,000 views, with some astrologists suggesting the planet like shape may be Nibiru. Commenting on the video one user wrote: ‘It’s definitely Nibiru. It’s time to freak out the makers are coming.’ Another said: ‘Me and many folk with me have been waiting for this to show up for years. Ancient records state that once The Destroyer is ‘visible to the world’, we have 40 days to prepare.’ FULL REPORT