The 1st two new videos below from Gary Franchi at The Next News Network and the jerminator clearly show us the way society is quickly headed as we learn from Gary about a story in the Wall Street Journal telling us that big banks are now rejecting cash deposits while scientists are speaking out about human microchipping, telling us that they may soon become ‘non-voluntary’, as shared in the 2nd video below.

According to Franchi in the 1st video, a surprising new threat has come along to the health of big banks – large cash deposits. In an obvious move towards a cashless society, these banks are now charging customers to hold their cash for them and in doing so, JP Morgan Chase alone has cut unwanted cash deposits by more than 150 billion dollars this year by charging fees. Franchi asks why ANYONE would want to keep their money in banks where they are being charged fees when they could easily and wisely invest it in silver, gold and other precious metals (or long-term food storage for that matter.)

With big banks now moving away from cash and warnings from scientists of forced microchipping in humanity’s future, we also take a look at the 3rd video below, also from Gary at NNN, who combines these seemingly unconnected events to prove to us just how connected they really are – they are preparing to bring in the ‘mark of the beast’ system and several recent news stories outlined below and in the videos show us just how close we are. FULL REPORT