Despite all the Internet chatter and Circulating Blog hype of an impending “Doomsday” Asteroid that was allegedly “Prophesied by some circles to hit the earth during the Blood Moon appearance, The asteroid whizzed past Earth recently and did not live up to their expectations! Despite many, as myself that warned that this alleged “Prophecy” would not come to pass, the celestial object did not escape notice of skywatchers.   Combined with the fourth blood moon and prophecies about the skies aligning in the end times, the Asteroid Watch Twitter account tried to appease the fears of the concerned:  “Asteroid 2012 TT5 will safely pass Earth tomorrow by about 5 million miles/8 million km or 21.5 LD (lunar distances). It poses no threat,” according to the tweet. The specific asteroid referenced passed by without incident on Sept. 24.

The date is merely one day after the close of the 2015 Shemitah, the Sabbath year in the seven-year biblical cycle. A chart posted by the organization reveals upcoming asteroids will sail by the earth at much closer distances on Sept. 29-30, and Oct. 1-3.   Despite the government organization’s reports, photos surfaced revealing a light illuminating the sky.   Asteroid Watch insists the object is a star, and maintains asteroids are not a threat.   In combination with recent blood moon, though, some are wondering if the alignment matches biblical prophecy.  FULL REPORT