A motto that is being brought to focus in a different light. “I mean it’s senseless. I mean to take a motto that’s been around forever and to turn it into a big issue is just, I mean it’s senseless,” said Dedric Smith, Chief Investigator at the Burke County Sheriff’s Office. A small decal on the back of some Burke County patrol cars went unnoticed until the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Sheriff Greg Coursey urging him to remove the decal.

“Many citizens are offended and imagine if you were in a rural community and you had an Atheist bumper sticker on your car and you’re pulled over by a sheriff who’s got an “In God We Trust” decal on his car. It’s unseeingly, it’s just inappropriate,” said Freedom From Religion Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor. But Smith chose to put the decal on his car and says it does not affect his work. “The fact that we believe in Jesus Christ and others don’t, it’s not going to make me treat them any different,” said Smith, “We’re still going to do the job that we do.” Smith wanted the decal on his car because it’s what he believes and where his trust falls. FULL REPORT