Robert Schuller Not Expected to Live Through The WeekRobert Schuller, founder of Crystal Cathedral and former host of Hour of Power, isn’t expected to make it through the week, according to a report by the OC Register. Family members told the site his condition has deteriorated since his cancer treatment in 2013. “He was talking normally a couple of months ago,” daughter-in-law Donna Schuller told the Register. “But since the procedure, he was whispering. And later, he could barely mouth words.” Donna also said Schuller gave his son, her husband, a document detailing his funeral arrangements. “He gave it to my husband 10 years ago,” she told the Register. “Perfectionist that he is, I’m sure he has planned out and specified every little detail.” The televangelist is known for his show Hour of Power, which is now hosted by his grandson. The ministry, founded by Schuller’s grandfather, began as Garden Grove Community Church at the Orange Drive-in Theatre in 1955, soon adding a 300-seat chapel four miles away. It later expanded to the larger campus. As the ministry grew, in 1970 the Hour of Power television program launched and aired in all 50 states by 1975. The program eventually became the most-watched religious program in the world. FULL REPORT