Mystery surrounds spate of huge dust storms around worldThis year has seen a rash of massive dust storms around the world that have led to travel chaos and blocked out sunlight – but experts cannot pinpoint the reason behind the spate. This week incredible footage showed the moment an unusual ‘apocalyptic’ dust storm, known in Arabic as a haboob, struck Belarus, turning day to night, and China has suffered four massive sandstorms since the start of the year. Some experts have said that climate change bringing excessive heat can make some areas more susceptible to dust storms, but one European scientist pointed out that the number of dust storms over the decades has always been variable. The footage of the dust storm in Belarus, filmed from a high rise apartment, shows traffic moving along a busy street in the province of Salihorsk, south of the capital of Minsk on Monday afternoon. As dark clouds move over the city, the entire area is plunged into darkness – forcing motorists to turn on their lights as they navigate the darkened roads. FULL REPORT