Lesbian teaches being 'gay' in classroomA lesbian teacher has boasted of using her classroom to instruct children as young as kindergarten on being “gay.” “And I started in kindergarten,” said Pam Strong. “What a great place to start. It was where I was teaching. So, I was the most comfortable there.” Her comments are being reported by Pete Baklinski, who wrote at LifeSite News about Strong’s comments at a conference held by “the homosexual activist organization Jer’s Vision, now called the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity.” The events focused on Canada’s Bill 13, which was adopted there and gave students authorization for homosexual clubs in their schools, including Catholic schools. LifeSite explained a reporter attended the conference and Strong focused her workshop on “what she called the ‘power of conversation’ for promoting LGBTQ issues in an elementary classroom.” She said she’s used pro-homosexual literature, such as “King and King.” But mostly she just uses conversations with students to promote her own lesbian lifestyle, the report said. “Difficult conversations are a part of what we do as teachers, right? And when these conversations are properly supported by teachers within the safety of the classroom, they provide a rich environment for our students as they unpack these complex social issues and they reflect on their own preconceptions, rights, of gender, sexuality, love, all these difference things,” she said. FULL REPORT