Indiana doing '180,' now leaving religious defenseless? Indiana lawmakers, under attack from the “gay” lobby and executives of major corporations for their adoption of a religious freedom law, apparently are planning a reversal that would leave religious believers defenseless when confronted by demands from homosexuals.  Indiana has been a target of criticism this week after adopting a Religious Freedom Restoration Act similar to laws in 19 other states as well as a federal law of the same name.The law allows courts to consider the First Amendment religious rights of those who are sued by homosexuals with “discrimination” complaints. However, backed into a corner by a media narrative contending the law uniquely allows discrimination, Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence promised to “fix” it. A sampling of the fury over the law: A talk show host described the homosexual community as “totalitarian” on the issue, a pizzeria owned by a Christian family was forced to close after a TV station ferreted out its beliefs about marriage and several companies said they wouldn’t do business in Indiana. The federal religious-freedom law, however, was introduced by Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy, signed by Democratic President Bill Clinton and endorsed by the New York Times. The original Indiana law was a fair attempt to balance interests, wrote Daniel O. Conkle, a professor at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, in the Indianapolis Star. FULL REPORT