Geologists Unveil New Map Of Magma System Under Yellowstone SupervolcanoGeophysicists have discovered a second, even more massive magma reservoir feeding the Yellowstone supervolcano, providing researchers with the most comprehensive picture yet of the volcanic system beneath the park.The Yellowstone volcanic field is the surface manifestation of an upwelling of hot magma from deep within the Earth’s mantle. Geologists call this blazing hot-patch a mantle plume, and the energy released by this particular plume drives the largest continental hydrothermal system in the world. For years, researchers have watched the region closely for signs that could portend a major eruption, but they’ve never known the extent of the magma chambers beneath park—until now.A popular subject among doomsayers, the Yellowstone supervolcano is no closer to erupting today than any other time we’ve talked about it, but geophysicists Thursday reported that our map of the massive system of magma chambers and feeder pipes underlying the infamous hotspot is nearing completion. Their investigation—results of which appear in this week’s issue of Science—used seismic waves from nearly 5,000 earthquakes to image the subsurface at greater depth and resolution than ever before. FULL REPORT